GMA Biz-Links

BIZ-Links is one of three weekly networking groups of the Guilford Merchants Association (GMA). The group is category exclusive, which allows only one member to represent each industry (for example, there is one banker, one printer, etc...). This group focuses on business-to-business referrals; the members of the group primarily do business with other companies, as well as with consumers. The group meets weekly, every Thursday at 7:45 am at the GMA office, at 225 Commerce Place in downtown Greensboro

BIZ-Links is a great way to market your business and to develop a strong referral network. It’s like having an expanded sales force in your corner! Participation in the group is vital, and the group has attendance requirements to insure the integrity and strength of the group.

Typical meetings begin with officers' reports, general announcements, and then each member has the opportunity to present a 60-second commercial about their business and what sort of leads they’re seeking. Each week, two group members prepare presentations on their companies for the group. Prospective members are allowed to attend up to two meetings.

A nominal fee is charged for participation in the group. All networking group members must be members of GMA. Please contact GMA if you would like more information on joining GMA and or the BIZ-Links networking group. We can’t wait for you to be a link in our BIZ-Links chain!